Since Rev Invest launched in November 2022, we’ve welcomed a raft of new investors looking to benefit from the low-cost convenience of online investing, backed by the expertise of FMD Financial's decades-strong Investment Committee. 

Our five distinct investment portfolios, means there’s a product designed to align with personal goals of most investors. Rev Invest is ideal for people looking to get started with investing and is a great way to accelerate that all-important first home deposit. 

Yet, we’ve also had investors looking to finance travel or build wealth while renting, as well as those looking for a way to invest inheritances or other windfalls. 

Performance off to a strong start

In a volatile period for global investment markets, Rev Invest portfolio returns since inception, demonstrate the value of being invested in high quality Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) managed by a proven investment team, at a low entry cost.

The majority of Rev Invest portfolios have delivered returns above 5%, while the global leaders portfolio benefited from the stellar run of the tech giants on the back of rapid AI deployment, delivering impressive returns over 12%.  

While we’re positive about the initial portfolio performance, we know time in market remains the biggest predictor of investment success and those who stay invested are likely to continue to build sustainable wealth over the medium-long term.

f you haven’t has a chance to open an account with Rev Invest yet, but you’ve been thinking about it, or you know a friend or family member looking for better investment returns outside of superannuation, you can open an account here in 3 easy steps.