People often say to me:  Jeremy, you’re an expert in finance and investment. What should I do to get ahead and be a successful investor? Is gold the right move with the banks looking a bit shaky? What about the future of tech stocks or the bio-health sector? And what should I think about with inflation impacting my cost of living?

So I tell them my secret to investment success.

It’s not picking the right stocks one by one, it’s not reading books by Warren Buffet (or any other successful investor), it’s not pouring over share fluctuations or learning how to day trade.

The number predictor one of investment success is…drum roll…

Time in the market.  

That’s right. Time in the market is the number one predictor of investment success.  

It is more important to investment success than any other single variable, provided you’re invested in well-run, diversified funds.

The below chart shows why.  Despite the ASX 200 dropping an average of 14% at some time every year, most years markets have finished in positive territory.

Want more proof? Look no further than your super fund statement.

Many of us don’t think about super because we can’t access it for so long, but your super balance is growing and compounding all the time, quietly building future wealth for you, precisely because you can’t touch it. If it works for your super, it’ll also work to build wealth faster for your first home deposit or that dream car or holiday in 5 or 10 years time.  

So my response is always the same.

Choose the right diversified portfolio to invest your money in, backed by a reputable investment team, and simply leave it there for as long as you can.  

This is great news for people who are too busy living life to worry about all this investment stuff but still want to make money and get ahead, because it won’t take much time or effort.

And it’s great news for people who are a bit lazy or those who find finance yawn-inducing.

Just get on with life and leave your money invested for as long as you can; checking in every so often to ensure your investments match your requirements.

Don’t touch it.

Just leave it there. Leave it alone.

And you’ll be a successful investor.   

You’re welcome.

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